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Review: LUSH Frozen Bath Bomb

“Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play?”

I am going to be talking about my very first bath bomb from LUSH. I actually bought this for my mam for christmas and loved it. My boyfriend realised this and bought me one too!

First off, it smells amazing! So fresh and lovely. It has been on my bedside table just waiting to be used but honestly, I was putting it off because I loved smelling it when I went to sleep haha.

I decided to have a pamper night and finally use it. Now I’m not a bath person at all, I just don’t see the point in them. But about a month ago when I was poorly my wonderful boyfriend ran me a bath with candles and bubble bath and I felt a million times better. So now whenever I’m stressed or feeling run down.. it’s bath time!

The bath bomb itself is quite big (I think anyway) and the fizzing lasted ages. It created lovely blue and water patterns in the water and eventually turned the water a nice blue colour. My bathroom is only small but it was filled with the gorgeous smell of the bath bomb. It didn’t create any bubbles which I was a little bit disappointed with but I got over it pretty quickly.

There isn’t much else to say about it really. It smells nice and makes pretty colours – win!

Any other bath bombs I should try? I can see myself heading back there to pick up a few!

Helen x



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