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Films I’ve been loving!

Okay so the boyfriend has just bought 3 months of NowTV and because of that I’ve been watching quite a few films. I thought I would briefly tell you which ones I have been loving.

The Help
Absolutely loved this film! It’s about a book that was written by an aspiring journalist (Emma Stone) in the 1960s that reveals the hardship that African-American maids go through serving white families. The book tells the stories from the maids point of view. This film made me laugh and cry (that doesn’t take much – I’m a right softy!). But honestly, if you haven’t seen in or read the book (which the film is based on) then I strongly suggest you do!

Magic Mike XXL
Now, we all love to see Channing Tatum in well… any film. But it’s even better when we see some skin! I really did not like the first magic mike – I don’t know why but I even turned it off before the ending. I loved this film though! It’s about The Kings of Tampa (magic mike and the other hotties!) going to a stripper conference for one last show. As you can imagine there’s some bumps along the way but they get there in the end. There are some laughs and there are some cringey bits as you can imagine.. The end show is brilliant and it’s a massive step up from the first film. Also, watch out for Joe Manganielle and the sex swing! that’s all I’m hot hot!

Love, Rosie
This is a story about Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin), who have been best friends since they were 5 years old. Anyone can see they are meant to be together but both of them can’t seem to find the right time. The film shows us their lives growing up, whether it’s together or apart. This is a proper good british film that is absolutely worth a watch! You might cry but you will definitely smile 🙂

Has anyone seen these films? Or can recommend any more?


Love, Helen x


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