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Film Review: Big Hero 6

Hi guys,

I’ve got a film review for you today with a few more on the way. This week has been a week of robot films. I didn’t plan it it’s just all the films I’ve watched happened to be about robots haha.

I thought I’d review Big Hero 6 first as it was my favourite of the week. If you don’t already know I LOVE Disney films. And the fact that this was Marvel and Disney together was a bonus!

Now,  there are a few spoilers here but I just want to give you an idea about the film..


So it’s starts with two brothers called Hiro and Tadashi who we find out have lost their parents and are living with their Auntie in Sanfranokoyo. Both brothers are very smart and are technology geeks. Hiro, in particular, is very bright and left school at 13 (I think) and takes part in robot fights. His older brother, Tadashi, trys to pursuade Hiro to join his technology university to keep him out of trouble. We then meet Baymax, Tadashi’s inflatable robot invention who later develops a friendship with Hiro.

Hiro develops Microbots (tiny robots) as his entry into the university but after an explosion he later find that his ‘bots were stolen and are being used for an evil purpose. Hiro and his team of tech heros (including Baymax) are on a mission to find out who caused the explosion and are using the microbots.

Oh and yes, it is a marvel film so watch out for Stan Lee ;).

I think it’s one of the best disney films I’ve seen for a long time. It would be ideal for the family. If you like Frozen, Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph you’ll love this.

Any disney film recommendations?

Helen x


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