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Plans for 2016

Yes I know there is a lot of these posts going about lately. I’m jumping on the band wagon but it’s more to get it clear in my head what I want to do this year.

Here is a list of things I want to do this year..

  1. Be more positive. Especially at certain times of the month when I tend to think quite negatively.
  2. Have more date nights with Simon.
  3. Do some more exercise and training with Holly (getting lazy lately!)
  4. Have my foot operation.
  5. Go to Denmark to visit my friend.
  6. Go to a medical photography conference in Glasgow.
  7. Go on holiday abroad with Simon. I would be more than happy with Dublin to be honest!
  8. Join the gym and ACTUALLY still to it. I want to be fitter and lose some weight (what girl doesn’t?)
  9. Spend some more time doing the things I love (bowling, cinema, theatre, etc..)
  10. Find a bloody good foundation!
  11. Buy something (anything!) from Charlotte Tilbury and NARS.
  12. Look more at what I’m using for my skin.
  13. Eat more healthy foods.
  14. Read more.
  15. Be more organised.
  16. Get more sleep.
  17. Drink more water.
  18. Give more to charity.
  19. Reignite my passion for photography. Doing it as a full time job really doesn’t leave you with much energy for doing it in your spare time.

I’m sure there’s 12475759 more things I could think of but I think that’s a start πŸ™‚

What are you guys planning for this year then?

Helen x


4 thoughts on “Plans for 2016

      1. I know, they’re products are really good too :/. I was happily surprised though to find what brands are cruelty free so it’s not all bad πŸ™‚ x

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