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So it begins..

How cute is this candle?!


I love christmas – it’s by far my favourite time of year but I hate the awkward part after christmas when you’re decorations are still up but it’s over and then you’ve got to find somewhere for your christmas presents (it’s difficult in a bungalow!). Literally as soon as boxing day is over I just want to take everything down.

Holly (my puppy dog) has destroyed I would say 2/3 of her toys by now and I’ve just cleaned all the wool and bits of plastic off the floor. Simon’s presents are all over the floor in neat piles and mine are still in a box. I just can’t be bothered to sort them. I didn’t even want a shower but I made myself go in!

I have some lovely new make up and skincare to try out and review on here so I’m really looking forward to that! That includes; the Naked 2 palette (EEK!), bareminerals royal court palette and the collection blush and glow palette.

But I’m currently enjoying sitting on my sofa in a big top and leggins with my lovely new rabbit slippers (so far Holly doesn’t bother with them!) and I’m waiting for Simon to get back with our KFC. Happy days!


I  hope you’ve all had a lovely christmas and I wish you all a happy new year!


Helen x


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