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A Real Christmas Gift Guide – The Women

Hi guys,

I know this might be slightly late with it being 11 days until Christmas but I just wanted to do another half to the Christmas gift guide for men.

I think girls can be a bit more tricky to buy for than men because us females are very picky. Some girls like make up and smellies, and then some don’t.

Here are a few budget ideas. I will try to keep it short 🙂


The 3 best places for cheaper perfume that smells lovely are (in my opinion); River Island and New Look.

Let’s start with RI

  • They sell a wide range of day and night perfumes.
  • They sell miniature perfumes too for £4.00 for 10ml – perfect stocking fillers
  • Personally my fav is the RI By Night (30ml £10 or 75ml £12). The smell reminds me of perfumes like Alien.
  • The perfumes are cheap but smell lovely and last a long time.

New Look
Similar prices to RI and again, what I like is that you can get little miniature perfumes sprays rather than roller balls.

  • 10ml – £2.99 70ml £7.99 100ml £12.99
  •  I would say that the bottles are more basic looking but still look nice.
  • My fav is New Look: Blush I think it’s called. It smells fruity but expensive. It’s basically a dupe for the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb but at a fraction of the price.

Fluffy things
No matter what I’m sure 99% of girls will want something fluffy. Whether it’s a fluffy toy from the Disney shop or fluffy socks from Primark. I don’t think you can go wrong.

Hats and Scarves
For this it does depend on your budget. I picked up a lovely hat and scarf from Dorothy Perkins for £20 that looks and feels expensive and so soft. Primark have a really good selection of hats and scarves at really good prices. About £4 each and the colours and designs are really nice.

Chocolate – need I say more?!

Jewellery – the best ‘cheap’ jewellery I have seen is from Dorothy Perkins. I got a lovely necklace for £5 and some gorgeous earings for my mam for £4. They are cheap prices but without looking cheap.

Make up and skincare
Now this is a tricky one. I would find out what skincare or make up the lady you’re buying for uses. However, if you know the person you’re buying for really well and you are confident that you can buy something new that they would like then, crack on! I would recommend boots for all the gift sets and ranges of make up they have on offer. Collection in particular have really good make up for a really cheap price so if you’re super stuck then try that brand and Sleek make up too for eyeshadow palettes, highlighers and nail varnish. Also, check if the person you’re buying for has sensitive skin or not :).

There are a million and one things you can buy for us females but heres a little list of other ideas too;

  • Glittery phone covers (Something like this and it’s only £4.99 including delivery!
  • Adult colouring in books & fineliners (I highly recommend Amazon for this!)
  • Candles – Primark is amazing for this! The candles smell lovely, the candle holders look more expensive than the price and I think they start from £2.
  • Clothing Vouchers – If you’re not sure on what size the person you’re buying for is then just find out their favourite shop and get them a voucher. Trust me when you pay bills and things – vouchers are lovely to treat yourself!
  • Books or book vouchers (Amazon again is the cheapest around)
  • Anything off Etsy or Not on the High Street

Hope this helps! 10 sleeps until christmas!!!

Helen x


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