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A Real Christmas Gift Guide – The Men

I’m sick to death of seeing ‘budget gift guides’ that aren’t budget at all. I think some major Youtuber’s need to remember that not all of us are millionaires or that we may want to give more than one present.

Right so, let’s start with the men/boys/lads/opposite of females..

Men are easy to buy for. All they want is a nice smelling aftershave, boxers, chocolate and a gadget. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (especially with the gadget one!).


I highly recommend Next for this. The aftershaves are very reasonably priced starting at £8 for 50ml or £12 for 100ml and 3 different 30ml bottles in a set for £16 if you can’t decide which one your man would like. The aftershaves look and smell MUCH more expensive than what they are. I was very surprised when I went to smell them.

For older men (such as husband, dad, granddad, uncle) – No. 85 by Next

To me it smells a bit more muskier than the others available and reminds me of tobacco and I personally think it would be better for an older man.

For young adults (boyfriend, son or brother) – Next Code Red, Extreme Blue or Ice White

All of the aftershaves I’ve mentioned there are really nice and fresh smelling. I think compared with the other two Next Code Red is perhaps slightly more fruity but all smell expensive in my opinion.



This one is probably a lot to do with preference on what your man likes to wear. I think hipster boxers are probably the most common (it’s what I buy for my other half) but you will need to check. Everyone is really tempted to buy Calvin Klein boxers or fake ones but honestly, I wouldn’t bother. I usually go to River Island, Topman, Primark or Next for boxers.

River island, Primark and Topman do sell some really nice boxers that have fun designs on them and are probably the cheapest out there. Prices are: Primark £5(ish) for one, Topman £7 for a single pair or £15 for a pack 3 pairs and River Island £22 for a pack of 5 boxers (not so cheap there). But I do find that the elastic in the boxers does fall apart within a year. Ascending&beginIndex=1&endIndex=null&pageFlag=s_20&catId=2313678&parent_categoryId=207169

Next boxers are a bit more boring than the others I’ve mentioned because they don’t have boxers with funky designs. However even worn and washed all the time, the elastic lasts a much longer time than the others. They just feel better made. However they are £22 for a pack of 5 which, when you’re stingey like me is a bit much but they are worth it. Considering the River Island ones are the same price I would recommend these so much more.



Well do I have to say anything here? This is totally personal preference. I always get my boyfriend a selection box or a little box of Cadbury Wispa bites. Shops like Tesco or Asda aren’t always the cheapest to get chocolate from. Wilkinson’s, Iceland and, especially, Home Bargins are really good places to get chocolate. It may only be a saving of 25-50p but if you’re buying quite a few boxes of chocolates for people it really does make a difference.



Okay so for gadgets, Red5 and Menkind are going to be your best friends.

Personally I prefer Red5 although they both often sell the same items for the same price. Now if you do go to any of these shops, calm down and don’t buy every little £5-£10 gadget or cool looking bottle opener you can find. Actually stop and think what they (son, brother, boyfriend, husband, dad, granddad, etc) would want or use.

I think you can’t go wrong with anything remote controlled (RC). Whether it’s a car, plane or fish I’m sure that it will provide hours or days of fun. What I like about RC things is that they can cater for any age range and any RC ability. Having been to both Red5 and Menkind stores and websites I would definitely advise that you talk to the staff about what you’re looking for. They will know what is the easiest RC device to control if who you’re buying for is a novice or what product would best suit your price range. Basically these guys know what they’re talking about and are often lovely and helpful. Oh, and most of the time stores do sell spare parts just in case!

I would recommend looking through the websites and you might find something that you didn’t even know existed. I do recommend giving Red5 a look first and they have some many good things that can fit any budget. If what you want is out of stock – try Menkind.

Top gifts I have bought in the past: Dart shotgun, A DIY paper gun, Laser pens, Volcano lava lamp, propellers for paper airplanes and RC quadcopters (this one is amazing


Apart from that I recommend..

  • DVDS like; Avengers, Mission Impossible, etc (Amazon and Tesco are usually the cheapest)
  • Xbox, PS4, etc games; Halo, COD, Star wars (again Amazon or Tesco)
  • Socks (oh yes!)
  • New wallet (Next definitely for this one!)

I hope I’ve actually helped and not waffled on too much!

Helen x



I have not been paid or asked by any of the companies mentioned to talk about them in this post. My opinions are my own and are based on experience :).


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