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Where have I been?

Honestly.. nowhere!

I am a boring young adult – my life is literally work, home (with the bf and puppy dog), family and occasionally I see my friends. Not that I’m complaining much but I’ve come to learn this is a pretty normal thing amongst people of my age.

A series of books that I’ve been loving lately are called A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest. I think books like these are often quite under rated. I picked up the first book for 99p, which is an absolute bargin, and now I’m addicted.

The story is about a 17 year old girl called Sofia Claremont who gets kidnapped and taken to an island called The Shade which is inhabited by vampires. Humans there are often slaves or used as objects by the vampires. After a failed attempt to leave Sofia decides to try and make the most of being on the island but is constantly reminded that humans are definitely the bottom of the food chain. Derek Novak is the leader of The Shade vampires and is Sofia’s “owner”. After waking from a 400 year sleep the last thing Derek expected was to fall for the lovely Sofia. The books go on to talk about their relationship and Derek’s struggle with ruling the shade and trying to bring the vampires ‘true sanctuary’.

I am by no means good at describing things (great that I’ve got a blog ey!) but I hope that’s not attempt :).

The story isn’t cheesy like Twilight and I found myself just buying the next Kindle book straight away after finishing one. The books themselves are fairly small, although that might just be me reading really fast! The kindle books are £2.49 which I think is good 🙂

Have any of you guys read them?

Lots of love!

Helen x





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