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Review: Collection Contour Kit & Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palette

_DSC0100It seems like yesterday that Collection was Collection 2000 and honestly, it wasn’t that highly thought of when it comes to make up – lets face it! (Ha get it, lets face it! make up? okay moving on..)

I’ve got to say the eyeshadow palette is excellent! There’s quite a few choices in their eyes uncovered range but I chose to get the Nude Bronze because I thought the colours were lovely and I like to add warmth to my face when I can. There are 6 shadows in the palette and they are very pigmented and easy to blend. And can you believe it is only £3.99! That’s it! I mean the packaging isn’t partcularly great but what can you expect for the price. I highly recommend this to anyone – if bronze isn’t really your thing then there is a Little Mix version of this palette as well as the Nude and Nude Grey versions.


Now onto the Contour Kit. I’m definitely new to contouring and I find it difficult to find shades that suit my pale skin. Normally colours are too orange-y or too warm for my skin. This kit is probably the best that I’ve found so far. I mean the contour shade is still slightly too warm for my skin but it’s great compared to most highstreet/drugstore contour kits out there. The highlighter is lovely and I often use this as my go to highlighter. It probably is more sparkly than shimmery but for now I like it. Honestly I use this palette most days to either slightly contour or to use both shades as eyeshadow if I’m feeling really lazy. The price is brilliant at £4.19 and the packaging is pretty sturdy as it clips shut and is easy to keep clean.

_DSC0101Basically 2 brilliant products from Collection and I’m definitely impressed enough to buy more from this brand. It safe to say that even though the products from this brand are cheaper than most they definitely aren’t cheap quality. Oh, and they’re cruelty free 😉

Have you tried anything from them? or these products?

As always, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Helen x


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