Review: New Look Pure Colour Nail Varnish

New Look is not a place that I think of when it comes to beauty but lately whenever I go into the store I find myself looking at their make up stand. So far I have only tried their nail varnishes but I have ordered some lovely matt lipsticks 🙂 so keep your eyes peeled.

The nail varnishes have tones of different shades, finishes and they have glittery ones too! I love their matt nail varnishes but I’ve bought a few others to try as well.



Left to right: 61 dark red, 78 magenta, 71 candy pink, 79 pink pattern, 74 deep pink and 31 light green.

As you can see I kind of like pink and purple. I did choose a very light green to mix it up a little.

The nail varnishes cost around £2.99 each which I think is very reasonable. You maybe could get away with doing one coat of the matt colours but I recommend doing definitely two with the others. The colours are lovely on and the staying power isn’t too bad considering the price. It was a few days before mine was chipped and I hadn’t put a top coat on – I was also doing housework and shopping so yeah! Not bad!

Overall I really recommend these nail varnishes if you don’t want to spend much but want a good product. Here’s a warning though – all the colours are lovely and they are pretty cheap so you will be tempted to be a fair few!


Photo: 74 deep pink

Anyone tried them already? Or could recommend other nail varnish?

Helen x


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