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What weekends should be; lovely and lazy

WARNING: this is a longish one.. may as well put the kettle on..

I haven’t been up to much this weekend really. I’ve been cropped-wpid-dsc_0352.jpgrecovering from a bad cold so I thought I’d take things easy.

There was a farmers market near me so me and Simon (the boyfriend) decided to go see what was there. The market is held on the second Saturday of every month but this particular market was meant to be special. I love that all the stalls are manned by really lovely local people selling homemade products. We bought a minced steak pie and sausage rolls, a chocolate brownie, a caramel shortbread, oat biscuits and a cornflake tart (oh yes! that one is all mine). I couldn’t resist buying a wood fire cooked pizza for dinner too! Twas gorgeous!

Since we were right next to boots I couldn’t resist popping in and seeing what was thewpid-dsc_0357.jpgre. I have been after a loose setting powder for ages and I’ve heard that Collection Sheer Loose Powder is pretty good and it was only £2.99 so I thought I would give it a go. I also bought Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen which has been out of stock for a fair few weeks because I needed an eyeliner (cruelty free of course!).

My little labrador Holly went swimming at a place called K9 World and she absolutely loved it! The best thing was that was she shattered afterwards :).

Saturday was finished with a parmo (chicken parmasan) which was gorgeous! Obviously with chips and chilli sauce instead of garlic sauce for a change.

On Sunday I went food shopping with Simon and cleaned the house. My friend Rachel then came over with her dog Yoshi (Huskita) for a playdate. He was lovely but he was too big and bouncy for my little pup.

Finishing the day with a nice cup of tea on the sofa in PJs and a hoodie. Simon is sitting next to me watching Game of Thrones. Holly is lying next to us having a nap.

Is there any better way to end a sunday! 🙂

You guys been doing anything nice this weekend?

Helen x


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