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Animal testing

So at the minute this is a topic I’m struggling with. I personally think that testing on animals for make up, skincare and household products is wrong. I read a really insightful blog post (can’t remember the blog now though – oops!) and I just had my eyes opened.
I didn’t realise how many make up brands test on animals and I felt extremely guilty that I had lots of these brands in my make up bag :(.
I then decided once I used up the products that I had I would not buy anymore. I did want to chuck out the make up but I thought really the damage had been done :/.

My confliction is that I am really struggling to buy highstreet (mainly boots) make up for my pale skin. Sometimes I just think “I can’t find anything! I’ll just buy rimmel wake me up foundation” but then I really don’t agree with testing on animals. Especially since most cosmetic companies only test on animals to sell in China.
It bothers me that a lot of bloggers/vloggers that use cruelty free make up brands aren’t from the UK. Popular bloggers don’t seem to care about cruelty free products. In fact most people I talk to about the issue just roll their eyes at me and say “oh god you’re one of those people”.
It’s like dude, what the hell! Don’t you care that animals are suffering so you can wear that foundation and look nice!

Anyway that’s my rant! Let me know what you think šŸ™‚ any advice on good cruelty free make up for pale skin? Preferably that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg šŸ˜›

Helen x


6 thoughts on “Animal testing

  1. Hey, I’m a new reader and I’m from America. I can’t really help with UK brands/stores but I would like to applaud you on your step in the Cruelty-Free direction. I started my journey over a year ago and it has been very difficult. Cheap good foundations are hard to fine. I have found that BB creams are a good way to get cheaper coverage. E.L.F. or Yesto have BB and CC creams. Also, Physicians Formula has a few options too. I do CF reviews on my blog ( ) but there are SO many other options to find CF products. Let me know if you ever need help šŸ™‚


    1. Hello, thank you šŸ™‚ I’ve found it is more difficult but there tones of people out there that feel the same way – which is amazing! I am dying to try some ELF products but I don’t know where to start šŸ™‚ it may have to be a BB cream now! Thank you for your help šŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to check out your blog


  2. Head to superdrug as they have more options for cruelty free beauty items! I am pale and I love the B. Range they have and its a really good price. Barry M is also cruelty free! I know in some Holland and Barrett stores they have make up counters with cruelty free make up so keep an eye out! Hope that helps šŸ™‚


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