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Who Am I?

That’s a good question! Who am I?

My name is Helen and I am a 24 year old female from the North East of England. I HATE writing about me’s so I thought I’d write some facts instead.

Some facts about me;

  • I live in PJs when I’m not going anywhere. As soon as I’m in from work – it’s PJ time!
  • I wouldn’t say that I hate the sun.. but I do not function very well in heat.
  • Autumn is my favourite time of year!
  • I am one of four children. Second oldest in fact!
  • I think I’m 5 foot 7.
  • Give me a book and I’ll finish it in a week or less – whether it’s any good or not.
  • If I’m grumpy (which is often) I’m either hungry, tired or cold.
  • I’m a cancer survivor.
  • I love a good cup of twinnings tea (english breakfast or everyday). Always leave the tea bag in for a few minutes!
  • I would absolutely LOVE to live next to the sea.
  • I’m a Medical Photographer and I can honestly say that I love my job.
  • I live with my amazing boyfriend and our naughty little labrador Holly in a cosy little bungalow.
  • I actually have like no fashion sense and my make up skills aren’t great but I’m learning!
  • I am proud to be from the North East and I would hate it if I lost what accent I do have.
  • My shoe size is a 7.
  • My downfall in life is pizza and warm bread.

I realise that I’m new and won’t exactly have millions of followers, but I’d love to hear some random facts from anyone out there? 🙂

Helen x


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